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Editado por One_Punch_Titan: 2/2/2018 5:22:28 PM

Instead of penalizing people for leaving matches, how bout make the matches fair so they don't have to leave?

Can we all agree that's the main problem? I wouldn't leave if I wasn't getting placed in matches solo against squads. 3 vs 4 from the start. People entirely outside my range of ability. I have no issue with guns or play mechanics There would be no reason for me to EVER leave a match if the match was fair to begin with. Edit:Let me be clearer. I'm talking pretty strictly about the quickplay menu. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE that competitive needs penalties for leaving. Getting stuck in a 3v4 match is suicide and stupid and needs to be addressed. But I don't think it's fair for me to be penalized in quickplay when from the start they said that matches were supposed to be faster (they arent) but with greater chance of playing people outside your skill level. I am fine losing a match when the match was fairly well put together to begin with. But there is NOTHING fair about 4 friends communicating through a match and me getting wiped every spawn cause my random dirt teammates are diddling themselves in random places on the map. I agree there needs to be penalties, in certain situations and especially in competitive this is so needed. But I should not have to be stuck in a losing match because the matchmaker is shit for quickplay. If they're going to add penalties this ALSO needs to be addressed. Not just the fact that people are leaving but WHY THEY ARE LEAVING IN THE FIRST PLACE. and I'm willing to bet the leaving dies down if matchmaking were more balanced among solo and fireteam players.

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