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1/5/2018 3:38:04 PM

Impressing a girl

Yo, I got a little request Bungie. I’ve got this girl on Destiny 2 and we’re getting pretty close we met randomly in-game and recently I’ve been starting to talk to her. We play Destiny 2 together daily and I’ve done everything in my power to get her to fully experience the game, beating both Calus, Argos and playing trails with her. I want her to experience everything your amazing game has to offer she sadly suffers from a bad case of depression and I make sure to always be there and make sure she always has a good time and I always have a positive and kind attitude towards her. She loves playing Hunter but there is one thing that she’s really bummed out about, and that’s Orpheus Rig. She want’s it really badly and she hopes that Xur will bring it to her. Now now like stupidly caring guy that I claim to be I told her that I would have a little talk with Xur and ask him kindly if he could sell Orpheus Rig this weekend. Now I understand that this might be impossible but I thought that this post might get some kind of attention and make a friend of mine really happy. Thanks Bungie for your amazing work. Both her and I love the franchise and your amazing work on the game. Bless Oscar.

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