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1/19/2018 5:56:38 AM
3 you play your own game???

dear devs. do you play your own game?!? the more I see what happens with the game the more I think that you don't even play your game. It seems very simple. It seems like the entire community wants that same exact things. I have read forum after forum and they all state the same thing. Don't you guys want the same thing? don't you want more depth to your game? Think of how freakin fun this game would be with stats that matter in armor, with set bonuses, with weapons that pair up with certain sets or classes. This has been said so many times. I don't get it, i just really don't. I loved destiny so much, its the only game i would play. I know many people that feel the same way. why why why why. WE WANT MORE DEPTH! WE WANT MORE WEAPONS AND ARMOR THAT WILL MAKE US WANT TO SPEND HOURS TRYING TO GET IT. PLEASE PLEASE! FIX THIS ASAP. I WON'T WAIT FOREVER. IM BASICALLY DONE PLAYING AND ONLY CHECKING FORUMS TILL YOU COME OUT WITH A GREAT FIX.

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