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1/21/2018 12:55:17 AM

More Shader Customization

Hello, This might be not being a trending post. But I'll decided to give it a shot. On Destiny 1. I had more variety in shaders. But on Destiny 2 I don't see that. We have that Shader "Cerulean Divide". Which I like it the most. But, on each specific gear piece, it's either blue or green. Why aren't there any shaders with just 2 colors? Like, Black & Green. Or Black & Red (etc.) I use Crucible Gear with Orpheus Rig. The Crucible Gear is Fantastic with the colors. But the Orpheus Rig is BLUE?! WTH. The exact same Shader. Everything is Black & Green. The Orpheus Rig is Black & Blue. This is too frustrating. I can't find any shaders to my liking. Either, I hope they will create an option about how we apply a color with each Shader that have multiple colors. Or we get 2 color. In every color. Like Black & XXX. White & XXX. Grey & XXX. XXX & XXX.

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