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Make Lost Sectors More Meaningful, Here's How

Here is my idea on how to make Lost Sectors more interesting, engaging, and meaningful. [b]Lost Sector Tracker[/b] There should be a system that tracks the completion of each lost sector on a planet. The lost sector tracker should mark on the map of the planet the lost sectors that have been completed. [b]Super Lost Sector[/b] Completing all lost sectors on a planet will unlock a Super Lost Sector on either that planet or maybe on a different planet. The super lost sector should be similar to a strike but able to be run by one person and at the end it should drop nice loot that decrypts immediately. After completion of the super lost sector, it re-locks and you must redo all the lost sectors that unlocked it to unlock the super lost sector. [b]Mechanics[/b] Super Lost Sectors need to be more engaging than regular lost sectors. They should take 15-20 minutes to complete if you are taking your time. There needs to be some kind of mechanic or puzzle to solve as you are running the Super Lost Sector, similar to a legend of zelda dungeon. Adding challenges like this to the Super Lost Sector will make it more difficult to complete and make the rewards at the end that much more meaningful. Super Lost Sector puzzles should get refreshed on a seasonal basis along with a loot pool refresh. Maybe add a megaman like mechanic to it where order matters because you would need a weapon from one Super Lost Sector to make another Super Lost Sector easier. Like how you do Metal Man first then Wood Man. So if the Lost Sectors on Earth unlocked the Super Lost Sector on Nessus then maybe that means that either the Nessus Super Lost Sector Drops make the Earth Super Lost Sector easier OR the Earth Super Lost Sector Drops make the Nessus Super Lost Sector Easier. [b]Rewards[/b] Loot needs to decrypt on pickup. I don't wanna have to run to the cryptarc to see the sweet drops I got from a Super Lost Sector. Also instant decryption makes the event more memorable because you associate the loot with the event. Its a positive re-enforcement that encourages the player to do the event again if the loot is rewarding but at the same time hard to get. Also the entire loot pool needs to be available at the seasonal refresh, none of this trickle feeding of loot that they are currently doing. Seasonal refreshes should add new loot to the pool while maintaining the current loot. Logic needs to be added to favor new loot if the user already has the previous seasons loot. [b]Special Loot Chests[/b] You could also add the strike chest mechanic to the Super Lost Sector so to get the sweet drops you would need a lost sector skeleton key. And the loot pools of each Super Lost Sector [b]MUST[/b] be unique so you have a reason to run each super lost sector. [b]Final Leviathan Super Lost Sector[/b] Each super lost sector could drop a fragment of sorts unique to that particular super lost sector. You would need to collect a fragment from each super lost sector to unlock the Final Super Lost Sector on the Leviathan. This would be an epic/heroic super lost sector. The loot would be really nice and the puzzles and mechanics would be even better than a normal super lost sector. This should take 20-30 minutes to complete when taking your time. This Final Lost Sector should have some sort of challenge that if completed drops an exotic, an exotic unique to the Final Lost Sector. The exotic challenge should not be required to successfully complete the Final Lost Sector. Maybe to be able to complete the exotic challenge you would need something from each of the other Super Lost Sectors. Just my 2 cents.

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