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1/20/2018 4:42:27 AM

This game could be great and here is how we start

When the main game I've seen D2 compared to is [i]Warframe[/i], there's a lot of glaring issues that absolutely need to be addressed before moving on into new territory like Mods 2.0 and the like. That is a bar so low that it could be used for the most unreasonable game of limbo, and it's pretty insulting. I honestly believe that this game could still be a great game, but it needs to be treated right; there's so much wasted potential here and I feel bad that a lot of the talent that went into making this game happen will only be remembered as "#removeeververse." [quote]Fix 1: Be more proactive and open with communication[/quote] I realize this is more of a logistical fix than a game fix, but it's absolutely one that needs to happen. The lack of transparency and the constant "we're working on it" promise isn't enough and will never be enough. This really should go unsaid, but with the recent lapse in communication with the Season 2 faction weapons not being in the loot pool yet I feel it needs to be reiterated. On top of that, all of the plans that we've been told are in progress are taking too long to get rolled out and the ones that have actually been scheduled to release are coming too little and too late. We have a weekly reset of milestones, why not roll out updates and fixes with each reset? Why do we have to wait an entire month for something equivalent to a drop in the bucket? Give us a reason to be excited, make us feel like you really are listening, be more aggressive in how you treat this game. Otherwise I honestly think the population will fallout even harder than it already has, to a point that you could legitimately call this game dead before the next DLC. [quote]Fix 2: Eververse, Milestones, and Challenges[/quote] This blends the biggest community complaint I've seen with also what I consider to be my biggest complaint of the game. It's by no means another mindless #removeeververse since I know for sure it's never going to go away, but an idea to make it a much better thing than what it currently is. On top of that, the daily challenges are incredibly under-rewarding and the weekly milestones are so short I can finish all three characters in three hours in one day. In short this change is twofold: Give the milestones a progression system so we're not left with nothing to do, and move the daily challenges into Eververse. I realize the last half of that is borderline heresy, given the current state of things, but hear me out. Since daily challenges only give you three pennies (or nickles, dimes, or what have you depending on which planet you're on) I feel having those work towards a chance at the gear in the shop is a fair trade if you don't have the money to buy silver and don't want to be S.O.L. when events like Dawning and Crimson Days come around. With how many daily challenges there are you'd definitely have a good chance at getting something out of the shop, and you wouldn't need to adjust bright dust or silver at all! You don't even need to get rid of paid engrams either, effectively you're making Eververse much less of a cash cow and more of something that's much fairer to the player especially since the endgame is very... not there. [quote]Fix 3: Gear overhaul[/quote] First, I'm not even going to complain about Masterworks, in fact I think it's a neat idea. It's an overly expensive idea that should be brought down to five cores to masterwork a weapon and two to reroll the bonus, but it's a decent thought. However there's a lot of balance changes that need to happen as well, second of which is changing how explosive damage works, specifically Explosive Payload on certain weapons. As it stands now it's way too powerful, and shouldn't count as damage that's separate from the bullet as it seems that it does. There's no reason to not use Better Devils, Nameless Midnight, or the Manannan at all, weapon preference aside. Player choice for weapons is practically nonexistent when there is definitely a clear right and wrong choice. Thirdly, make mobility/resilience/recovery have more of an impact. Let mobility impact your movement speed in general instead of just strafe speed and jump height, putting into it in any capacity is a waste. The difference between 2 res and 8 res is super underwhelming, and the same could be said for recovery as well. Let these have more of an impact in the lower tier and diminish the returns in the higher end. [quote]Fix 4: General game changes[/quote] One of two big fixes I'd love to the game overall is decreasing the amount of people necessary to run raids. I'd like to see a minimum of three people on a fireteam, but four would still be understandable. One counterargument to this would be: but you can just join a random clan or do seeker matches, that's not unreasonable; but what if I told you that the average player would rather just assemble a small group of friends to run raids and those times to find seeker matches are terrible? Making it possible for even a small three-man team would be fairly challenging in and of itself, and I'd argue it'd make it more fun for more people to do more raids. The second big game fix is really kind of a catch-all pvp fix: make level advantages a thing. A level 10 at light level 120 [b]absolutely should not[/b] have the same damage and defensive output as a max level player at max light. It makes capping an utterly pointless endeavor with zero payoff. I say this mostly in regards to pvp, but even having a little edge when playing with an under-leveled friends that I have would be nice. [quote]Closing thoughts[/quote] I'm probably one person in a minority of people that honestly enjoys the game still and has faith that Bungie will do the right thing, but really it needs to happen sooner rather than later. D2 could be so much better, but it needs to stop being treated like some mobile gacha game and more like the fpsmmo that it is. The moment that happens I think we can still turn this thing around for the better yet.

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