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Editado por LordZoltan: 1/19/2018 1:31:43 AM

Weekly update reality check

Once again you have said something without saying anything at all. You talk about a lack of communication and then say that there are no excuses for that. While at the same time talking about a lack of new loot in this season's faction rallies. You then provide a link to an explanation. Without acknowledging that you have received feedback about why people do not like how you have implemented the very thing you are talking about. In other words, simply ignore the actual feedback. And then the guy from sandbox talks to us and literally tells us nothing. The future looks exciting Cozmo. There are so many things that we are working on that will blow your mind. You will be so astounded and amazed when we finally get around to actually talking in detail about the changes that will be made. The weather is nice outside and it will make you feel good. Well isn't that grand? Hey Bungie, we are listening.

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