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Destiny 2

Discusión sobre Destiny 2
Editado por Llorrac10: 1/17/2018 4:54:09 AM

Bland FWC Armor and Faction Rally issues

Faction Rallies is another insult to injury to players, especially those who are big fans of Future War Cult. [b]Suggestions:[/b] *Brings FWC's colors back. White is a small accent color for them, not the main color! *Allow players to work on collecting Faction armor outside of the Faction Rallies. *Allow players to buy Faction armor (similar to Zavala or Lord Shaxx). *All 3 Factions competing for the same type of primary weapon in uninteresting to play for. *Allocate more resources to fixing D2, or else making D3 is pointless. [b]Rant:[/b] In D1, I was a big supporter of FWC mostly for their armor with the rich color pallet. Now in D2, who ever designs the FWC armor thinks that white is the main color of FWC, instead of dark blue. I want to support FWC in the Rallies, but looking at the sad boring white armor breaks my desire to play the game at all. Why should I play a game when obviously the developer doesn't care to keep things consistent from one game to the next? [url=]D1 FWC Armor[/url] [url=]D2 FWC Armor[/url] I will say that the other Factions' armors look like armor that those factions would wear. So, why is FWC design screwed over so badly? Another feature I despise of D2, is not being able to get Faction armor outside of a week-long event. I wasn't able to get a warlock bond or coat out of the last Faction Rally, because the RNG system sucks for a week-long event. So either let me work on getting armor at any time (like D1), or let me be able to buy the armor like Zavala or Lord Shaxx does. You can keep faction guns and ornaments as something that can only be obtained during the Faction Rallies, but armor sets need to be more available. Also, every Faction competing for an Auto Rifle this Faction Rally (1/16/18), just seems silly. I like that it promotes people supporting a faction they like over picking based on a reward weapon, but 3 auto rifles is uninteresting to play for in my opinion. Finally, after the terrible The Scamming Event (The Dawning), I am really dishearten to play D2, and the only reason I even log in is to play with one specific friend. A friend who I got into playing D1 and D2. I am trying to find something else for us to go play, and maybe we will go and play more [i]Halo: Reach[/i] since that amazing game was the reason we got D1. Bungie needs to put more resources into fixing D2, because in its current state I am not getting D3. I brought 3 friends into D1, and 2 of those friends into D2, but we are all tired of a game that repeatable spits in the face of long time players. Unless some magical changes happen in D2, then there are 4 players (minimum $240) Destiny 3 has lost. [i]"Darkness consumes, but we shall mark the abyss with eternal fire."[/i] FWC

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