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1/16/2018 5:20:06 PM


Dear Bungie,                    Let me start by saying I love Destiny 2. The gameplay is amazing and there is so much to do in the game. Me and my 2 other fireteam members all logged on one night a few days ago and we finally found Xur so we all purchased a Three Of Coins consumable planning to play for the next 4 hours doing everything we can to get some high level exotic gear. We ran strikes and world events, patrols and challenges, and even a few crucible. Both my fireteam members recieved an exotic engram and plenty of legendary gear and engrams as well. While I on the other hand received nothing but regular gear drops and tokens the entire time. Not a single engram to decrypt the entire 4 hours of gameplay. So I figured I'd give it another shot today. I located xur and with my 95 legendary shards I purchased 3 more Three Of Coins consumables. I instantly went into my inventory to use one of them and realized I only had 2 even tho I spent the shards for 3. Minor inconvience but things are starting to pile up in the disappointment category. I decided to activate one anyway hoping a nice new piece of exotic gear would help me forget the struggle of the last few days. Played with the consuble active for about a half an hour and recieved one exotic that I already had in my collections and then I was booted for the update. I'm assuming I won't have much time left to make good of the consumable once the update is finished so that would be the 3rd Three Of Coins consumable wasted. The first one having received nothing for it, the second one was never even placed in my inventory, and the 3rd ticking away while the game is updated. I just wanted to bring this issue to your attention in hopes that something can be done about these bugs and glitches. Any responses or explanations would be greatly appreciated.

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