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1/13/2018 12:01:51 AM

I Already Quit Last Year, Now Here Is My Final Post Ever As Well

Back in 1998, when Bungie was first developing Halo, the shooter genre was small, and new. The gaming market was still in fierce competition, as Sega was just defeated by Nintendo, and Sony was the only other competition at that time. ENTER XBOX, the most powerful system at that time, with Halo. Bungie had something to prove, and as the most daunting flagship title they had ever produced, it was all about making a brand new IP that nobody had ever thought of or played before. It was an instant classic, and a masterpiece to this day. Some still argue that Halo 2 is the greatest game sequel ever produced. In this era, Bungie was about the fans, the reputation, and the integrity. There games didn't have season passes OR microtransactions, they were just masterpieces. Roll out 2 decades later, and they have since jumped from the Halo franchise to the Destiny franchise. Best to say, this sequel was not the sequel of their youth. And their name holds no weight anymore. Destiny is a game about art and money. And the core demographic is money spenders. Destiny will always be beautiful, but for anyone who has played Persona, it is also distorted. Madarame's Palace from Persona 5 is almost an exact perfect representation of this. A marvelous work of art in 4K with some of the best sky-boxes in modern gaming. However, it is poisoned with a brush of greed. I Platinum'd both D1 an D2, trust me when I say I gave this my all. But post-Halo Bungie just sucks. They lost their hearts, and their integrity. This is my last post. After I hit that "Post" button at the bottom of this tab, I'm done forever. No more Destiny. No more Bungie. No more Legend. Peace out everyone. There are much better games out there. Your heart and your conviction might say otherwise. But for someone who poured more than 5000 Hours into this game with 2 Platinum Trophies and the Bungie Company Emblem, I'm telling you : You deserve better than this. And better games exist. Many Zelda Witcher OG Mass Effect Metroid OG Final Fantasy Tales Of Persona Horizon Half Life Mario Halo Gears of War Subnautica KOTOR Elder Scrolls Bioshock Fallout and on and on and on I *won't* be seeing you starside, Guardian. - But maybe I'll see you somewhere else. E&M - 2013-2018

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