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10/1/2017 8:02:53 PM

Better Devils vs Old Fashioned - It's Not Even Close

So as I was doing a comparison between the Better Devils and Old Fashioned, I discovered something I didn't know. That explosive rounds causes more overall damage. I had known that explosive rounds had zero damage falloff, but never knew they caused more base damge. I tested out both of these Handcannons on Cabal at the start of the raid. The Better Devils does 846 total damage (389 Precision and 457 Explosive) The Old Fashioned only did 617 total precision damage. Even with Kill Clip active, the Old Fashioned only does 822 total precision damage for that small 5 second window after getting a kill and reloading which means the Better Devils does more damage even while Old Fashioned has a 33% damage buff. I also tested out Bad News, a gun with more impact than both these legendary handcannons. It does a mere 716 damage. Still 130 less damage than the Better Devils which has less impact. The True Prophesy (Future War Cult Handcannon) does 860 damage, which is more than BD, but I don't think it's explosive perk is the same as explosive payload. So basically explosive rounds makes Better Devils hands down the best option for PvE. When it comes to PvP, it is a closer race. Old Fashioned does have the opportunity to 3-tap while Kill Clip is active, doing 81 Precision and 60 Body Shot, for a potential 2 body shot, 1 head shot kill. However, Bettter Devils is still doing 1 more total precision damage (62 (39 Precision, 23 Body)) compared to Old Fashioned without Kill Clip (61 Precision). Combined with the fact that Better Devils has significantly less damage falloff due to Explosive Payload. In my video, I also breakdown reload speed and recoil pattern, but man, I had no idea explosive rounds were so good. Was this common knowledge that it did more base damage? Anyways, thanks for reading.

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