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You ready for a brawl…Sign up at Caydes Fight Club III I Band I PS4 I PVP I RAID I TRAILS I NIGHTFALL I STRIKES!

[b]Please upvote upon application...[/b] [b]This is a PS4 clan only[/b] We've decided to expand our clan C.F.C by making a new branch. Caydes Fight Club III We are on a recruitment drive and are looking for 80 new guardians, Requirements are very simple as there’s only 3 rules 1. You don’t talk about Caydes Fight Club 2. You don’t talk about Caydes Fight Club 3. You don’t talk about Caydes Fight Club! No but seriously just be chilled and very active in clan events, plus be a regular poster on our Band page and Clan Chat....and so if you’re looking for an end game focused clan that is full of skilled and chilled members from across the globe (US/Euro/NZ/AUS) and can get you to max power and gets them weekly engrams done then click on the link above. Raids are done almost every 2 days if not on Friday, we go flawless at every Trails Of The Nine weekend, Nightfall and strikes are almost done hourly. [b]We are 200 + Guardians strong and active. We will help you if you help us.[/b] In return we only ask for active members. [b]280+ Power level Only[/b] [b]( Microphone is preferred )[/b] [b] All three clans are linked together using an app named BAND. You'll receive an invite link upon acceptance. [/b]

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