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12/28/2017 9:03:53 PM

[Tips & Tricks] Always Max Glimmer? How to get ahead in Osiris with Mods

I already do this


I kept my glimmer at max cap before I read this


I don't find mods to be that important


I find my glimmer is more useful somewhere else


This guide may be intended for players who are either new to mods, or guardians who would like to get a second opinion on them. If you have the Curse of Osiris DLC, you may have noticed a significant increase in glimmer gains from all events & activities as opposed to vanilla Destiny 2. I tend to hit Max glimmer every 6-12 hours of game play, up from 20-24 during vanilla. If you're maxed on glimmer & are not sure what to do with it, your best bet is to spend 50-75% of that glimmer on blue mods from Banshee-44. The blue mods he drops can convert into legendary mods if you have a stack of 3, and these converted legendary mods can stack. This means you can stockpile useful mods for the future, and potentially never have to worry about them again (unless the system is completely changed, but I wouldn't bet on it). Vault space is being addressed in the upcoming January update, but for now if you require more space, I recommend deleting elemental mods on the sub classes you use the least. You may also delete Mods you feel you're not going to need, ones that don't suit your play style. Some mods are far more rare than others, you'll find out which ones as time goes on. For example, the energy counterbalance mod for Titan legs is exceedingly rare (only gotten one, whereas other mods of mine have stacks in the double digits). Paired with the arms energy counterbalance mod, it makes for overpowered energy weapons in PvP. Let me know what you all think, if this guide helped you - please feel free to share & help others! -AureliusAquila

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