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Vex: Origins and Lights Theories

Welcome to another one of my posts on the headache-inducing Vex (although it can be debated that I’m the one who creates the headaches with these posts). One of the biggest mysteries about the Vex is how, when, and where they originated, and I️ plan to enlighten all of you on the little we do know about this. I will end out the post with a section on Vex goals and algorithms that includes theories I’ve developed myself on their physical appearance. Let’s begin I have identified 3 possible theories I am aware of on how the Vex may have came to be (none are proven). Dissection time [b]Theory 1[/b] The Vex Mind Fluid naturally evolved into the radiolaria it is now and some other species found it then built bodies for them. The Vex were then able to build more bodies and spread as they pleased [i]Evidence[/i]: being Mind Fluid, it is unlikely that the Vex could have built anything if this was their original state, yet they have machine bodies now, so something else would have had to create a body and then the Vex started building for themselves from there. This theory would mean that there was a planet somewhere where some microscopic organisms somehow developed a bond with each other and were able to multiply and spread their intelligence by interlinking (meaning that at first the Mind Fluid was limited to the thinking power of only a couple cells but then grew to billions so became vastly intelligent. What one cell experiences, it shares with all the others and they collectively form something equivalent to thoughts) [b]Theory 2[/b] The Vex Mind Fluid naturally evolved into the radiolaria it is now and is somehow able to solidify its silicon components into a dense solid body (this includes the option of the Vex taking over a host species to force it to form a body for them) [i]Evidence[/i]: we’ve noticed that there is silicon crystal in the Vault of Glass and other locations that serves as part of the Vex system of transferring data, which means there’s a chance it may be somehow directly related to Vex biology for them to have this connection with it. If this is so, then we can theorize that the Vex radiolaria may have silicon molecules that they can isolate and solidify to become a solid part of their system rather than a liquid. If this theory is correct, then that means the Vex may also be able to solidify their silicon (and maybe other molecular components) into their chassis. Take diamond and charcoal for example: both are made of pure carbon but their respective density completely changes their durability, so maybe the Vex chassis are just silicon molecules packed into a hyper dense state that makes them as strong as metal rather than frail like glass. Asher Mir’s Vex arm was attached by a Vex and has slowly been changing his body. It started out as just the metal arm but now Asher bleeds radiolaria rather than blood, meaning that this arm is both producing Mind Fluid and changing Asher’s body. If the robotic arm alone is able to do this, then that means it must have cellular components of Vex biology since we know Vex cells are infectious and convert other organisms and materials into Vex constructs (thank Maya Sundaresh and the other Ishtar scientists for this discovery). So the arm is either creating its own Mind Fluid or it is changing Asher’s cells to force them to produce radiolaria; either way this suggests that the chassis might be connected to the radiolaria in some biological way (or not, this could all be wrong because the arm itself may just be metal with bits of biological Vex elements hidden inside of it that we didn’t know about) [b]Theory 3[/b] Some hyper intelligent species built mechanical bodies for themselves and found a way to turn themselves into the radiolaria and put themselves in the chassis. [i]Evidence[/i]: since the Vex clearly do not have the capability of building anything in their current state without a chassis, it is possible that they used to be some species (or even a single being) that found away to break up its cellular biology into a pool of single cells that were still somehow linked by the creature’s conscience. Obviously whatever did this would have had bodies and machines for replication prepared. So either one being transformed itself and found away to multiply its cells so that it could have its mind contained in oceans of Mind Fluid, or enough of a species was converted to make up the vast amount of Mind Fluid that exists. It could also be possible that this species may have found the vast oceans of radiolaria and just found a way to transfer its mind into the cells and conquer them since they previously had no binding intelligence. [b]Theory 4[/b] The Mind Fluid and the Vex bodies were created by something. [i]Evidence[/i]: this theory goes exactly the same way as theory 1, but with the added speculation that maybe the Mind Fluid didn’t come to be naturally. It’s possible that some species or being created, engineered, manipulated, or programmed organic matter until they were able to create the Mind Fluid, then put it in bodies. This species alternatively could have created pools of radiolaria and then found a way to transfer their intelligence or another intelligence into the radiolaria, turning it into Mind Fluid (as is also an option in theory 3). [quote]Some speculate that the radiolarian fluid is the last vestige of a biological life form that became the Vex." —Sister Faora, "Theories on the Vex"[/quote] I’d like to point out that this quote from Curse of Osiris supports all 4 of these theories by assuming the Vex came from biological life, although it does lean more towards theory three. It also shows Guardian beliefs about the Vex, so it may be Bungie reaching out a helping hand for us lore enthusiasts. Now for 2 incorrect theories, so everyone knows what to look out for: [b]Theory 1[/b] The Traveler made the Vex. [i]Evidence[/i]: We know it’s wrong because the Vex have no close understanding of the Light, they are violent, they agreed with the ways of Darkness without once considering the ways of the Light (they are not on the Darkness’s side though), their goal is to put themselves on top of everything else in all timelines, and there are many timelines where the Vex win and kill off the Light. Also, in the Books of Sorrow there are instances where species the Vex know of that follow the Light are attacked and the Vex don’t support them in any way. And just because the Traveler has a machine body and the Vex have machine bodies doesn’t mean they are related (yes, people have actually made that argument). Supply me with some real evidence that stands above all the things proving this theory wrong and maybe I’ll consider the theory as possible lol [b]Theory 2[/b] The Vex created the Vex. [i]Evidence[/i]: this is not like the earlier theories because this one states that Vex from the future traveled back in time to make the Vex in the past. While it is possible that after the very first Vex were created they started traveling through time to begin the creation of more Vex, there still has to be a very first time when the Vex were created for there to even be anything to travel back through time. [b][u]Vex Lights Theory:[/u][/b] To put it simply, I believe that the color of Vex eyes/lights determines part of their function. Now I know this may seem ridiculous since Bungie really just gave Vex from more present times red eyes/lights, the Precursors (ancient past Vex) blue lights, and the Descendants (ancient future Vex) yellow lights, but if you pay attention you’ll notice these don’t always hold true. Hydras of the Hezen Corrective have blue lights while the other Vex of its subtype and even Hydras of other subtypes have red lights. And Vex Minds will have lights of any of the three colors, no matter what subtype they are or what subtype is around them. Many Axis Minds notably have yellow lights, even when their chassis is of a subtype other than Sol Imminent (Descendants). Now, in all honesty, I’m 99% certain that Bungie did this with the lights just as a “let’s use the primary colors and give different things different colors because it’s cool” kind of thing, but hey, sometimes even I put on my spinfoil hat to expand on my crazy thoughts. I believe the [i]blue lights[/i] mean that unit has tasks involving organization because the Precursors and the few others with blue like the Nexus Mind and some Hydras are all related to overseeing lesser Vex, important expansion, or adjustment projects. [i]Yellow lights[/i] could mean that unit has tasks involving gate/time system regulation or timeline correction because the Descendants and Minds we face with yellow are all related to the time aspects of the Vex system, including ensuring the future is guided towards their end goal. That leaves [i]red lights[/i] at possibly being Vex with more common tasks or tasks involving system construction work because the vast majority of Vex units are known to directly work on conversion of space and time into the Vex system rather than focus on processing what all the other Vex around them are doing. Even the Undying Mind with its red lights was working on restoring the Black Garden to its place in the network. The unique [i]purple lights[/i] of Cyclops may relate to the fact that they are the only known units to serve as beacons/satellites within the network Thanks for reading everyone, hope I got your gears turning. If anyone has more theories or some feedback I’d love to hear it For more posts on the Vex and other lore, check out my Archive:

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