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Destiny Holidays

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! This year l won’t be posting any holiday short stories, but l will celebrate with this lore post on the holidays celebrated in the world of Destiny. Hope you all got some video games or whatever else you wanted under your tree! Enjoy the Christmas miracle of me making a post that’s actually short! If any are wondering, l felt this post was worth making because all of these holidays created in the world of Destiny by Bungie have really touching themes, so l hope you all take to heart the messages of these made up holidays. Naturally l will start with the holiday most related to Christmas [b]The Dawning:[/b] A time to take joy in all that you have and set aside all the troubles and loss, the Dawning was created in the mix of cultures that joined in the Last City by combining the traditions of many holidays. It also serves as a holiday celebrating the coming of a new year. The Dawning is celebrated for 3 weeks in the winter and is a time of fun, games, and gifts and serves as a real moral booster with the dark times that befell humanity after the Collapse. Eva Levante first convinced the Vanguard (through relentlessly bugging Ikora after the fall of Oryx) to have the Dawning celebrated in the Tower by telling Ikora that the Guardians needed it for moral and cheer so that they wouldn’t lose hope or be less dedicated in our long war. She even got Ikora to create the shining decoration resembling a snowflake that dangles in the air above the Tower. The second year that the Dawning was celebrated in the Tower came after the Red Legion attack at Ikora’s request, without any prodding needed from Eva, because Ikora felt after all the destruction the people needed to celebrate what they had left as well as the new hope that came with the wakening of the Traveler. [b]The Festival of the Lost:[/b] A holiday celebrating the memory of those we have lost, the Festival may be painful for some but is meant for thinking of the happy moments with the people you loved rather than their absence. Purple banners and candles of purple wax are popular decorations, as well as paper decorations (some fashioned as Engrams) hung up on buildings. Masks are also very popular, often mimicking the forms of scary creatures to make them seem like jokes as well as mimicking popular people or items or just whatever crazy thing someone can come up with. Candy is traded and eaten during these days, and somehow even ended up getting scattered out into patrol areas and picked up by curious aliens. It was difficult for Eva to get Ikora to make the Vanguard celebrate this one in the Tower due to its tragic basis, but she managed to convince Ikora that Guardians deserved this holiday most of all because they had lost more than anyone else had, including themselves and everyone from their past lives. So Ikora finally gave in so that Guardians could celebrate all they might have been as well as all they have become. Celebrated in the fall season. [b]The Crimson Days:[/b] The Crimson Days are a time to celebrate love and companionship. It is celebrated with decorations and clothing of white and red and with strewing red flower petals everywhere. The Guardians celebrate by holding the Crimson Doubles in Crucible, where they fight in teams of two and gain physical advantages when their teammate is killed (possibly from infuriation. l think most people would be pretty upset if their best friend or significant other got shot down). Celebrated in early spring. There are several stories of how the Crimson Days began, each telling the exact same story of two Guardians encountering each other on a different world or the Moon, arguing, but then fighting enemies together and warning the City of an attack and becoming good friends. The most popular of these stories is set on Mars. [b]Eversion Day:[/b] Eversion Day is a Hive holiday celebrating the creation of the Dreadnaught. The Dreadnaught was made by all of Oryx’s brood working together to flip his throne world inside out into the hulk of the ship, so is now celebrated by turning things inside out. It is not known when on the human or Hive calendar that this day is celebrated, but I’d advise keeping away from Hive territory when it comes. [i]Best wishes to all of you in all that you do, and Light be with you, Guardians[/i] For more lore and my collection of written works, check out my Archive:

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