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12/24/2017 9:09:38 PM

You win #Bungie "I QUIT"

I started playing Destiny 1 because it was relaxing for me but it's not anymore. Bungie you win I give up and will stop playing after today. 1st you messed with the XP ok you Simi fixed it. But with the bull crap you have going on now you seemed to have lower the resource rates, I spend more time looking for them now then ever before. I get it you want people playing as long as possible, but It's not fun for me or anyone anymore when we want to hurry up and do the gifts so we may play some other type of mode, but spending hrs on end looking for resources that are almost non-existent it takes the fun away. I know there are not supposed to be easy to find but when they are pretty much non-existent then we have issues. I have been on three or four Earth's just today and went through 99% of them and I've only found 7 dusklight. Again "NO FUN" so I'm done. So thanks for ruining a good game for me with your petty ways. I would have gladly paid for the next DLC but when you keep messing the game it makes even the core players leave and ask for there money back. Hmmm Still thinking on that last part. From a once loyal player StrayRatt

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