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12/24/2017 4:48:45 PM

How to fix eververse

Not including the dawning, i was able to earn everything she sold ingame via grinding so im ok with EV exsisting so long as that is still possable. I didnt see anyone complaining about her in vinella d2. Just with the dawning event. Infact event based around eververs seem to be the only times people complain. Meaning so long as the items are not temporary and can be earned in game, people are fine with it. Now i cant vouge for everyone but i do personnaly think wanting the removal of eververs is a "slight" overreaction caused by multiple games and the loot box systems. however i do not want to have events and eververse mixed. I do not want another festival of the cost ect... So the basic solution here is dont tie eververse to events... period. No dawning, no festival, no crimson days, no nothin. Also what you should have done with the dawning is make a crucible playlist for snowball fights where you could earn this dawning gear. Or maybe... oh idk... sparrow racing! A promised thing with the dawning! As for eververs moving forward into new seasons, no more than 7% of your work can be placed into making things for eververse, right now you guys are reaching 45% of the game being eververse. We arent grinding for the loot in game were grinding for tess. And thats the problem.

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