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Is Three of Coins simply a placebo? (Bungie Official Tweet)

Without Bungie providing the percentage increase of chance for an exotic to drop, how do we know if ToC does anything at all? We can’t rely on Bungie’s veracity here either. Think, first they throttled experience gain without telling us but allowed us to buy fire team medallions that would have been pointless if you were being throttled. Then they “fixed” the issue of throttling xp gain but then DOUBLED the amount of xp needed to level up without telling a soul. Based on that track record, what’s keeping them from releasing ToC as a placebo for us to burn through the thousands of shards we have? How does one prove that random drops have increased when said drops are RANDOM?!? [b]UPDATE:[/b] So after reading many of your comments it seems as if ToC is in fact BUGGED and REDUCES your chance of gaining exotics when activated. My recommendation is to avoid using ToC at all costs if you value getting exotic drops. Bungie is now on Christmas break so it’s doubtful we will hear anything on this issue nor will it be resolved any time soon. Here is a link to Kackis speaking on the issue as well: [b]UPDATE 2:[/b] Bungie is officially looking into the ToC matter: [i]~Nyahh! =^,.,^=[/i]

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