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12/15/2017 3:42:34 AM

Destiny 2 DLC Concept: The Shadow of the Sky

"When humanity first glimpsed the power that laid dormant on the edges of the Traveler's reach, they had begun to crave it above all else. Clovis Bray was one of the forerunners of that plight. He thought towards machines, and created SIVA in its image. You know what that did to us guardian. This? This is something far worse. Something... that you can't even imagine." - The Echo of Ikora Rey, From a Time Where the Earth is Black and the Skies are Soaked in Blood ---------------------------------------- Six guardians. Six guardians went to investigate the arrival of the Prometheus craft in the system. Not a single one came back. It came to the Moon of Charon, cracking its surface and eating it away. Giant and triangular, it was unlike anything humanity had ever seen before. Below is an approximation of the events that occurred before the guardian team fell: "Move out," one of the guardians said, as they moved across the scorched surface of Charon. The blood red sky shone down upon them ominously; and in its center, the floating mystery known as the Prometheus hung like a dying triangular sun. Without saying another word, they approached the seemingly foreign structure that connected the planet with the craft, in which a red beam of light blasted upward from the surface to meet it. They entered the complex and searched around, as their ghosts started to become... oddly wary of their surroundings. Possibly even afraid. "I don't think this is such a good idea," a ghost remarked nervously, "I mean, look at this place. It feels less like an alien complex and more like a... tomb. We're going to die here, aren't we?" "Not with six guardians." it's guardian responded, "We should be- what was that noise?" What he had heard was something. Something... that was moving. In the pitch black, it was hard to see anything. But the screams of that guardians were was clear as the day. "WHAT THE F-" a guardian was saying, as she was violently pulled away from the team by some sort of... thing. She fired aimlessly, but to no avail. The guardian fell away into the abyss of the structure, and wasn't heard from again. Even her ghost was gone. The team looked around, eyes wide and scared. They didn't know who, or more likely what, they were facing. Yet, whatever it was, it was more formidable than any they had ever seen. And then they were surrounded. Gunshots. Screams. Dozens of these creatures attacked the fireteam. They dragged them, one by one, into the abyss. And then there was only one. And he, well, he [i]ran.[/i] He reached the end of the hallway, and looked upon the central chamber. His jaw dropped, and his eyes widened. "Holy Sh-" he started to say, as some sort of spike impaled his chest from behind. It retracted, and he fell to the ground. His mask fell off, revealing a hard human face. The guardian's eyes were closed now, and his ghosts was gone. He had died his final death. Or so it appeared... There was footsteps, followed by the faint sound of... humming? A creature, possibly humanoid, kneeled down above the guardian, their face obscured. "Eyes up guardian." a female voice said with an eerie calmness. She stood up, and walked away, still humming a wicked, little tune. And the guardian opened his eyes in a sudden flutter, not taking a breath. His eyes were almost, reptilian now, with what was most upsetting was that they glowed red. Red, like crimson blood, with black slits like cuts into the very fabric of the deep void. This was corruption. This... was darkness. Now it was coming for the sky. --------------------------------------- I hope someone here likes it. I will add many more details in other threads as time goes on. Just something interesting I'm doing. Don't mind me.

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