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Dear Bungie, From an Italian fan

Dear Bungie, I played like 4000 hours of destiny 1; I am an Italian player, a veteran player of your games, because I started playing videogames when the first Halo came out. Unfortunately I can’t play destiny 2 because of the Cabbage error and this really sucks. I have tried everything I’ve read on internet, but I can’t play more than one mission at time. I hope you will work hard for destiny 3 and delete all this stupid errors which can’t be solved, because here in Italy there are a lot of fans in the same situation. It’s not about money, because yes, I bought your game with the season pass, it’s about FRUSTRATION: I can’t play, but my connection is good, it’s not my fault. I am not a streamer, a YouTuber or a reporter, just a random fan who enjoyed playing your games but now I can’t, and it’s not my fault. Sorry for my bad English, I tried my best. Umberto, from Italy. P.s.:I know you will never read this post, but I want to explain my situation. 777
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