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Editado por tunfischstulle: 12/6/2017 5:02:47 PM

Prometheus lens making Crucible unplayable

Wtf did you think when you put this weapon into the game Bungie? Crucible is ruined till its nerfed and the best part of it will be that Bungie will nerf it maybe next week cause they are just too lazy. You could atleast nerf it on Pc cause its easyer too patch here but nope its not like you have only take the dmg down. And the biggest bullshit is that we already have this weapon just with another calour and elemental its just the work of an uncreative Team, stop making so much content for eververse (More like Everworst) we want cool, new and fresh exotic Armor and Weapons not exotics from D1. This game is just a Moneymachine. Edit: so they anouced its a bug with the dmg but its still not realy creative

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