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12/9/2017 11:21:03 AM

I love you all <3

Hello, this is just me, trying yet again, I don't need anything anymore, just this pad and my pen, I want you to listen, right here right now, if you cannot make this game better, I can show you how! It's comes down one thing, a mindset, to put the fans above all else! It's a shame you seem oblivious to it all, no open nation information, just a rise and fall, like bungee jumping you come down to fall :( You hit the ground hard, but you still survive I won't let you fall! Stop with a philosophy like that of O.N.I ! I want to see your dreams come true, not this pack of lies! I know it's easy to take the path of least resistance, that's where the light follows to! These are what the next patch notes should read: ( I hope you read them too!) Hey guys i'm sorry you're freed! This is me, now more hiding in the shadows! You deserve this, your our fans, it's time we show you you're hallowed, sacred even so we worked on this patch to give you your freedom! Dedicated servers, that's right they are here! No lies anymore for deception! No fear! We had some inspiration and few creative thoughts, quality not quantity that's all it takes for us here :) We added customization to every single playlist! That's right like custom games "oh yes!" Endless waves of defense have been added, fight through the fire and forge yourselves within the madness! The entire story that's right, we re-wrote it! We listened and made it like buttery aurem, gold yes! But i'm afraid that it doesn't stop there! All your old guns are back, a vex time system, HECK YEH! Vault space increases each time you raid! No more random drops no RNG way to get paid! Glimmer cap? You know that is gone too! Bright engrams? You can buy them with mythic raid tokens too! New difficulty modifiers added! We hope you're ready to get schooled! This hardcore for all of you fools! Mythical raids to leave you devoured! Custom games, private and public! Want to strike them on your own? We know it! The UI, that's right it's overhauled! You can now inspect every object in the game, with your ghost out, information waterfalls! You can now write your own lore page for everybody to see! For every weapon you create! "Wait what?" That's right see! We made a forge of creation! Where you can only gain the tokens through individual dedication! First person in our hubs for everybody to see! An open world, where now you can fly your ship, full control of all areas, we know you wanted this! Different gates that you now must go through! Dependent on your class, you can fly straight through! They take tokens from the planets that you already know yes :D All old zones are back! Play them all again! For you can forge your own Destiny! That's right map creator here for your thirst! After all, we will not fall! This our dedication for the motivation of you all! We have livestreams now, every single day! Just to show what we are building for you, every single day! We now have in game polls, for you to vote on! Involving the community to make us build this song! That's right you can now traverse the ever expanding universe! The forge allows you make you own game modes, yes! We know this patch will leave you impressed! Custom color filters and options for it all! What's the best part, is that this is all free! Because if we do this you know we will gain your favor and popularity! Clans, that's right they are a family! That's why you can now build your own base of operations here! Pick any planet! Any backdrop! Make your base from templates, or from the ground up! Integration with addons, because we know you want it all in-game! I know this is insane! We finally listened! After all this is our Destiny to forge together, our mission! We made a plan for it all! Systematic management for you all! Options for third person when out of combat too! New sub classes added for us too! Guess what it doesn't stop there! In the custom games, you can make your own classes! "WHAT?! YEH!!!!!" This is what we envisioned, from the very beginning, to make universe where we all can live in, for we must count our blessings of the nine! For they are often oblivious to scrolls in these lines! Each mission you completed in the campaign? That's right you can visit them as areas of exploration again! Walk the city streets at night and have people recognise you! Don't want other people there? Private instances to go into! This game is for everybody! No matter what you are into! We made a 3D design system, within the game, for you all to show your talents WHOOP YAY! After all, tis the season of giving, so we will give you it all! For this is our mission! [Forgive me my back is hurting far too much! At least i'm trying! OW! This is hell! ;( , after all this is just me, another story left on the shelves! An entire library of books in my mind! This is like living in fire! My heart burns so hot, to make Destiny great! So mental state does not rot! I have psychosis you see! Apergers syndrome and depression, that's me! I've been through it all, hallucinations of my family dying! All whilst trying to study! Even when i'm crying! They don't know the pain of having no real friends since age 4! I lived in a small village called shelf in the U.K , born in Halifax, I had to move to Ireland, no way! Bullied through every single school! I'm not even allowed to go to university until I finish high school! I'm 21 years old! I'm trying my hardest every single day! Not one day of my life was I not working and in pain! I've been through 5 anti psychotics! 4 Anti depressants! Too bad they suppressed my mind like a silencer, learn my lessons! Why! Did you have to fall from such grace?! You saved me when Reach was my only way! I've had to suffer with my mind, every single day! You think you have it hard Bungie, no you don't just stop! Listen! I'm tired of your lies, cloaks and daggers straight to my heart with your deception! I don't want an apology, this is not the time for words! JUST MAKE THIS GAME THE BEST YOU CAN EVER MAKE IT! Or perhaps you're just lazy? If not, then PROVE IT! To me you're just hazy! Too bad my eyes see through the mist! 117 I'm a demon an MC with this! A Halo around my head! You know i'm not dead! For I am the Master Chief ten and I'm ready to rise! A code to follow, yours is not hard to solve! The least amount of risk for the highest reward! You lazy cowards! Hiding in the dark! Come out from the shadows! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! You won't though will you!? Every single employee at your company, come out right now! Make a video for the fans see! Activision-Blizzard! A conglomerate ATVI! Stocks fall and stocks rise! Too bad for you I weather through the storm! I love the cold as I always have! I'm a young talented man who believes your game is whack! MAKE IT BETTER! Seriously it's not hard! But some hard work in even if you have splinter away from them i'll help you all! I'll make a plan! A marketing campaign! Profit margins will shoot up! Again and again! It truly makes me sick how lucky you all are! You get to work with like minded, creative people! So let me problem solve it all! If you fly me out, I will work for free! I will stay in the work building and live there you see! I can show you the design for efficiency and planning! Project management systems! To easy for me to manage! Too bad you likely won't want me! Just how everybody else in my life has shut me away see! All I ever wanted was a little recognition! Some friends to share with! My cognitive mission! My hands hurt as they are starting to cramp! Up for days at a time trying to get this right! I have a mind, willing to dream! My plan makes profit too! Making the game for the hardcore and the casuals too! I love you! Yet I hate you at the same time! Please if you love your fans HIRE ME TO SAVE MINE! For I have no fans, I have no views, whether it's in real life, online or sat alone in my room! Is this ever going to be good enough for you!? Who knows, have you seen what i've seen?! I DONT THINK SO! After all you would not survive a day in my world! Having to fight everyday for sanity and control of myself! Too bad I don't know myself all too often! I tweeted you online, but you don't reply all too often! My name, it's Christopher Robert Hawker! I don't EVER LIE! I wear my heart on my sleeve, I diamond in the rough covered in blood that's me! One word to describe me, to show the rise and the fall, of everything I've been through, hmm is that all?! "EXISTENCE"

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