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Editado por Chaos_Prime: 12/8/2017 8:57:10 AM

Merciless and Mida Ornaments i acquired in Season 1 are now gone

Hi Bungie, I acquired the ornaments for my Merciless and Mida. Among other weapons. It seems myself and many in my clan are having the same issues where ornaments are now disappearing. is this a know issue or something you purposefully did. if it was purposeful, could you please explain why? This simply means no one from this point forward should spend a single penny in your MTX store purely because you're now actively removing them. I am hoping this is a bug and hopefully, someone from Bungie will respond but seriously this is really really low for you guys. It seems in a time of strife you guys are literally making things worse and worse and now your hiring a loot box progression developer? Did you learn nothing that happened to Bungie? or is this your way of getting rid of Activision?

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