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Busca un clan o recluta nuevos miembros.
12/7/2017 12:54:47 PM


[b]PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN INFORMATION ONLY POST. PLEASE DO NOT USE IT TO SHAMELESSLY ADVERTISE CLANS HERE, JUST BUMP IT. THANK YOU![/b] [b]Edited 7/12/2017[/b] I see a lot of posts from people looking for groups/clans, and a lot of new start up clans looking to recruit people into theirs. This guide is here to help you put up the right sort of post, and this makes all the difference between an empty unanswered post, and one which will be full of replies. For people looking for clans, please scroll down further for tips on what to put in your post. [b]CLAN RECRUITMENT TIPS[/b] If you're starting up a clan, the hardest step is recruiting players into what looks like an empty derelict hub. Think of your clan as a house, the more players the more rooms. To begin with your clan is just a dusty shed, it needs a bit of decorating to make it look inviting. [b]What can you offer your clan members? [/b]Every clan has some aspect it gears towards. Make sure you mention what sort of players you are looking for and what your primary focus is in the clan. [b]Join other groups.[/b] Sometimes the best way to make new friends that you play well with is with other groups. Sometimes these people will become [i]persuaded [/i]to join your group if they feel they have no connection to their current clan. It may seem under handed, but you must make sure it isn't your main intent to steal other clan members, but to join in with their community until your group has a life of its own. [b]Keep your forum up to date and informative.[/b] A lot of players will determine whether a group is right for them based on the posts you have in your clan. An empty clan forum is a boring meaningless place. Try to fill it with either advice columns, information on activities, a new members post, organised weekly activities, etc... [b]Ask your clan members to help promote your post.[/b] Every clan member can like and add posts to your recruitment post, this will boost its popularity and make others take note of how popular your clan is! [b]Think about other ways to organise the clan.[/b] There are free chat apps out there to help organise your clan, they are quicker and more geared towards communication that the destiny Clan wall. Some great examples are: - [b]KiK[/b] - which can support up to 50 people per chat room and has the option to set chat room administrators. It's very easy to set up and sign up to, no need for phone number. [b]groupme[/b] - which can support up to 200 people per chat room. (This can be expanded to infinite by messaging the support team for groupme) There is no option to set administrators, only the main chat room creator is immune to other members who can delete or add any members to the group. It requires a phone number for setting up with a verification code. You can install a bit named GORT though which you can set up with admins and trusted users on, which means the bot undoes any actions you don't want the typical usual member to do... Like kick people or install bots they shouldn't! Best feature of groupme is the Calendar function, when an event is set up it auto changes the timezone to whoever is viewing it. You can set up multiple chat rooms, but each one has it's own seperate join link. [b]Discord[/b] - Just moved all my allied clans to this, it lacks a decent calendar function like groupme does, but it has a lot more scope and aimed at what we all do. Play games! You can install bots to help you run the server or provide some function. Poll bots, calendar bots, even a destiny stats tracker bot! You can have multiple channels and chat rooms under one server. The server has roles which you assign to members, these roles are what give the members privileges to either have Admin rights, or what chat rooms you want them to see. [b]facebook[/b] - You can create a group page on there, though not everyone will like the idea of broadcasting their activities or private life to strangers. [b] [/b]- Sadly due to bungie destroying the PvP aspect of the game, and consolidating their API data, this site has had to close down... And in so doing so, bungie has lost thousands and thousands of regular players that used to compete clan against clan on whatever the bi-weekly event was. I kept it in since the edit as a reminder how how the community is crumbling! [b]Clearly state what systems your clan caters for.[/b] It may seem silly, but a few clan founders forget to list this vital piece of information. It puts people off from joining if they can't clearly see what console your clan is aimed for, and saves the embarrassment of answering countless people asking. [b]Keep your clan alive![/b] The key to success with a clan doesn't happen over night. Over time members come and go, it's the very nature of games. Not everyone is impressed with every game that comes to light. Make sure you have a system in place that every member is aware of, remove those that fall outside the system. You don't want inactives cluttering up your clan. [b]Don't expand too quickly![/b] You need to give all the new members a chance to get to know the other members, and fall into a pattern of gaming with each other. If you expand too fast you won't be able to handle the number of players effectively and keep tabs on them all. If people start to feel the group is broken or diluted, they will leave to find other groups. [b]Choose your admins wisely![/b] Don't give any old member the privilege to become an admin, you need to know what qualities you are looking for in someone who can lead. Think about what roles in your group need to be carried out by someone. In my own clan I have an admin in charge of organising raids, another who helps new members and monitors our groupme chat room, another who deals with the US members (due to time zone differences) and one who deals entirely with our second clan! All the people I gave these responsibilities to i knew could handle them, as I've played with them and watched how they've interacted with all the other members over a series of months! [i]I hope you found the above helpful, please like this post if you found this information useful. Hopefully it helps you not only recruit new members, but keep them as well![/i] For some ideas on what not to do when looking for members, then please scroll down in the comments section of the post. These are the sort of clans people avoid as the leaders are unable to read, this not only looks unprofessional, but also slightly embarrassing! And unprofessionalism doesn't look great on a leader's set of skills! For some examples on what you [b]could[/b] do, I've linked three recruitment posts I've made for my clan(s) to give you an idea. They are all completely different, the third is a new members post that I put up in the clan's forum and made public. [url=]Example 1[/url] - Long post with history of clan. [url=]Example 2[/url] - More to the point post, bumped from clan members liking it, making it a popular post that helped me get a lot of new members. [url=]Example 3[/url] - This is my new members post in the clan forum, but I made it public and hashtagged it to the clan recruitment section as well. [b]This is my latest, as we have a cross platform clan Alliance under the Army of Prose name. -[/b] [url=]Example 4[/url] [b]LOOKING FOR CLAN TIPS[/b] [b]Include as much information as possible![/b] Very often I scout the clan recruitment forums for possible recruits to very often see a title heading "[b]Looking for a clan[/b]". This title makes a huge difference if you include what system you are on, and a quick summary of what type of clan you are looking for. In your main post you can include your system information again, your age range and what sort or group/Clan you are looking for. [b]Join multiple groups.[/b] - Sadly not possible to join multiple clan groups any more. But there are still groups out there without clan association, meaning you can join these. But they are only accessible via the website, not the app. [b]Take a look at how active a clan is.[/b] Every clan has its own forum and wall. Check these out for any recent posts, and what sort of information the clan has to offer. A clan can boast having over 50 members, but it's no good if none of them are active. [b]Message the clan leaders.[/b] If you have questions or just want to give a bit of information about yourself, just message the group leader or admins in charge of recruiting. You can often gage a clan by the reply of the clan leaders, if the reply doesn't seem too friendly or what you expected, then you can always try another clan. Another tip is to not join clans that are posting adverts in a guide post, which you'll see in bold capital letters below, state no advertising in this thread as it's for information only. You want to make sure you join a clan where the basic level of intelligence is met by at least the clan's leader. [i]I hope you found the above information to your benefit and helps you find a clan/groups to join. Please click like on the post to keep this information available for everyone.[/i] [b]PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN INFORMATION ONLY POST. PLEASE DO NOT USE IT TO SHAMELESSLY ADVERTISE CLANS HERE, JUST BUMP IT. THANK YOU![/b] 3rd Copy

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