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12/7/2017 5:35:36 AM


From what I have seen, I am not alone when it comes to a vault full of ships, sparrows and ghosts. I played Destiny 2 intermittently after the first 2 weeks mainly because I was busy but despite that I managed to get almost all the bright engram contents but only because I spent about $100 on silver. Nobody in their right mind is going to dismantle something that takes $100 and countless nights without sleep to collect. It's only a day in to the Curse of Osiris expansion and I am running out of vault space. In 2 weeks I will probably have begun dismantling all blue weapon and armour mods, and eventually I will have one spot in my vault and a backed up post master and once all my characters post master space gets full I'll have no choice but to stop playing until something changes. Even if vault space won't happen, which I recommend 200 new spots and merging shader and mod space, we definitely need kiosks for ships, sparrows, and possibly ghosts. I would go as far say remove physical representation of the weapon and armour mods too so you just unlock them rather than get physical items showing you can use them. There is almost no reason to go to the FWC/DeadOrbit side of the tower, put some kiosks there and maybe more people will play the soccer and make use of that space? Brains bungie, use them please :3 or did the hive eat them?

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