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Gamepad [PC] Is there any way to speed up the turning speed and disable aim assist?

I pretty much dislike the aim assist that snaps to enemies and takes the control over my aim. I love to prioritize targets depending how dangerous they are. But the aim assists keeps on snapping on the closest enemies. Same goes with explosive barrels: you aim them and when you are ready to shoot the aim assist snaps to the enemy and instead of barrels you just shoot the enemy. The whole aim assist is pretty frustrating. Another thing is the turning speed. With other FPS games such as Doom2016, or action games like Warframe you can adjust the turning speed accordingly. In Destiny2 the turning speed at max level 10 is pretty slow. It's like playing MechWarrior Online with 100 ton mech -- pretty slow and bulky. Is there any way to disable the aim assist and increase the turning speed with a gamepad?

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