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11/30/2017 12:12:13 AM

Now that the Blog out all I'm mainly seeing is...

Crucible whiners. God this game wasn't made entirely for PvP yet all the whining from the first game caused this mess. Crucible is what made the game the way it is compared to Destiny 1, the 2 primary system, 4v4 matches, power weapons, smaller subclass trees, fixed weapon rolls, etc. All because of the Crucible in D1. If you don't belive me then just remember how many people whined that everything ended a nerf, that people who sucked kept getting good loot, that they can't get a good weapon roll. How about we fix the game before more crucible playlists are added? How about we fix what makes Destiny "Destiny" first, aka the STORY and everything else from PvE aka what this game is supposed to be based on before we make Shaxx have an orgasm. All we had in D1 were just endless rants about buffs and nerfs all related to the crucible, now that we have changes coming all I see is "Crucible" related complaints. You had your spotlight and this is where it got you, suck it up and wait or play another game. Also... I will admit the state of the crucible is bad right now. They are obviously going to buff and nerf things, don't worry, you'll be able to run around shooting people with foam darts soon enough (Uriels gift is probably gonna be that gun). Playlists? Who cares, everything is 4v4 and pretty much is based on killing. They'll probably come early next year. But as much as I'd like to have fun killing other Guardians I'd rather see this game be fixed first in general. TLDR [spoiler]You're lazy if you need this[/spoiler]

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