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10/15/2017 9:10:52 AM

Vault Space? Vault Space.

In the words of Luke Smith... [quote]I still believe, and so does the gameplay team, that we’ve done the right thing for the collection game.[/quote] If this is the case, why, oh why, do we not have room for our collections? I've spent a lot of time in this game, and accrued a lot of gear, and sharded even more, but still I'm constantly battling my inventory slots and vault. Mods and shaders are the worst offenders because they do not have enough spots for their own collections. This means I have to dump them in my already overflowing vault. How can this game be about collections when we can't keep (or properly organize) our gear? I know I'm probably an extreme case, but if I'm having this problem, I know others are, and even more will soon enough. Can we please, not go down the same road we did in D1? Can we address this problem here and now (or at least soon, preferably before the next content drop). Give us more collection pages, or more inventory/vault slots. And while we're at it, some proper organization! Armor and weapons should be separated, sort alphabetically or by type. Even better, have specific vendor pages that fill up as you collect items a la the exotic kiosks of D1. Maybe even with tooltips that show an item and how to acquire it if you don't have it. Don't forget about the sparrows and ships as well! This kind of thing wasn't feasible with random rolls, but there is no reason to not have it for these static items we have now.

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