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Beating the powerful engram deadhorse

Ive been sitting at 293-294 for the last 2 weeks. I just assumed this was normal as it becomes much harder to go up in level. However someone has told me that powerful engrams are supposed to guarantee atleast one upgrade. Ive been doing the milestones faithfully (except the crucible challenges) and for the most part, the powerful engrams are dropping at the 285-286 range like the regular engrams are doing. I was just chiling with this but my friend got on at the reset, started at 295, and by the time he finished 3 milestones and the nightraid he was at 300? While I haven't gone up since almost 3 weeks ago. Is it possible something is going wrong with my grams to be clear, im not questioning my power level not increasing in total, im questioning the fact that I;m not getting any weapon or armor upgrades from powerful engrams

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