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[PC] [Waff] IntergalaticWafflingMafia - Casual Clan welcoming content creators and like minded gamers

IntergalaticWafflingMafia is a casual clan, for players looking to join up with other casual players that don't want to stress about providing all their time. This clan name has started over in the realm of GTA5, and is used in some other platforms. We're not just a clan, but a community of gamers with the mindset of having fun, and achieving more than end game. If you're a player that doesn't want to take games overly seriously and want to just have fun with others, this is your place. Are you a content creator, who wants a place to possibly bring your close friends, with low worry of being bantered, this is your place. We are a community of people who does not tolerate any sort of harassment, judgement, or sexual/racial/orientational discrimination. The biggest thing, do not feel you have to be pressured to do things, or play with people if you don't want to. [b]I suppose things to know:[/b] + Mature individuals only (Prefer to keep it 18+) + Don't be a dick. + Don't spam the chat. + Use of third party chat applications are obviously welcome. (No that does not mean we have an active discord) + Did I mention, don't be a dick? Okay. Just checking. + [b]Apply to join Clan here:[/b] [url][/url] Questions, feel free to leave them down below. And always remember. Waffle is love. Waffle is life. Waffle waffle waffle [b]Edit:[/b] Fixed the join link

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