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11/15/2017 10:37:55 AM

Nightfall (Nov 15)

Hey Bungie, Not sure if I have ever posted here before but I felt that I should. I notched up around 250 hours on Destiny 1 and probably around 200 hours on Destiny 2 currently. I’m in a fun clan full of good mates and we don’t really raid but we have fun every week doing teamwork for strikes, crucible and raids. However, three of us who play every week and do the Nightfall every week just gave this week’s NIghtfall a try and we got to the room with two ogres and two Shreikers with 20 seconds to spare. We found a lot of anomalies but the sheer volume of enemies, level of them, damage they did along with the time made it not only near impossible but also not fun. It’s a game. It’s meant to be fun but you have stripped away every second of enjoyment from this week’s Nightfall. Running to get energy is downright hellish when you have Knight’s and Ogres with massive splash damage or volumous amount of shots being fired at you. I have no doubt people will be able to complete it however three players with a lot of experience and who play every week struggled to get anywhere near the end game of it. I’m not angry but -blam!- I’m disappointed.

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