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11/7/2017 3:34:42 AM

[PC] KEYBINDING please make it be like console i.e. one key=multi functions/same as console

the game is unplayable with the current key binding system. I get it that some players prefer one key for one function but its superfluous and impractical for other, to the extent that it has become unplayable for me without using a XIM 4, essentially making my mouse useless because it moves at the speed of a controller thumbstick. Please let the keys be bound like a controller so that things like interact, deploy ghost, and reload occupy the same key, and air move or class ability can share keys with other commands. Oh and supers should be able to be grenade + melee. Ive tried to bind keys that allow this set up but its not allowed. If they could share keys it would allow me to use my mouse as a mouse like it should be, so itd be greatly appreciated it a patch could address these key binding issues. if any one else feels the same please help our voice to be heard and make this trend

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