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11/8/2017 12:23:40 PM

Customer support experience or should I say lack of it

Hi there. I'm a veteran gamer, playing mostly FPS and some RPGs since mid 90's I've seen all kind of games including Doom, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch and even latest Quake Champions. I always looked for new FPS games and even pre-ordered Destiny 2. I consider myself slightly above average, been at 3.1k-3.2k in Overwatch but I didn't grind competitive that much. I never used any kind of cheating software to gain advantages and always vouched for fair play. I always looked for a challenge, even in single player games: modded Skyrim to make it harder several times than vanilla game, played latest Divinity on hard difficulties. (If anyone wants proof I can link my reddit account with post history so you can see it yourself). That said I've never been banned or restricted in any online games. Before this Tuesday. I've been restricted from PvP activites in Destiny 2 without any explanation given. I didn't receive any emails, only small in-game notification that I can't queue The Crucible because of my violations. The problem I don't even know what my violations were. I don't have friends playing Destiny 2, hell I have only few gaming friends. I was really disappointed when I found out the game lacks basic social features like clan chat. Gladly I opened one of the Russian-speaking streams (yes, I'm Russian) and found a group of community clans. So I joined one of them, this weekend we made a fireteam with some of my clanmates with FPS experience on Discord and went to Trials of the Nine. We did 8 wins flawless before our first lose. Is it our violation? Or our violation was that in one [1] of the matches the enemy team didn't even load [we didn't even see their nicknames]? Should I intentionally play worse? Can someone at Bungie explain what we did wrong? And now I kinda lost any interest I had in the game because I've never felt so offended in online games. That bitter feeling when you don't understand what you did wrong and nobody tells you. I do understand that the restriction is temporary but I can't be sure I won't get restricted again because I don't know why I got it in the first place. I already created a topic in PC Support with other details including link to the matches [ ] but all I got was silence and some racial slurs. Does Bungie and personally Cozmo support these slurs? It seems so because one of the russian-speaking streamers was banned as well and he live streamed all of his matches. It was probably the worst customer experience I ever got in online games.

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