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City Personnel Part 2

Link to part 1: Rahool: probably the most infamous character in all of Destiny, Rahool is a Cryptarch (basically a historian who studies Engrams to learn about the past, amongst other things) and one of the leaders of the Cryptarchy (the leading council of the Cryptarchs, created by Tyra Karn, although she herself didn’t join). Rahool waits at the Tower for Guardians to bring him Engrams and gives them gifts of equal value in return, ranging from Glimmer to weapons, and then takes the Engrams given to him to study and decode. This devious, underhanded, cruel, heartless monster has gained a reputation amongst Guardians for often giving them worthless or repeated items in exchange for their valuable Engrams, so is often greeted with enthusiasm at the expectancy of gaining a good reward and left with the sadness and anger of disappointment. Guardians will take hours to kill hundreds of enemies in search of the rarest Engrams but get little in return. But Rahool is a kind and lighthearted man who spends more time with his head in the past than paying attention to what’s going on around him. He has proven a great help to the City in reclaiming the secrets of our Golden Age and even using that knowledge to create new marvels. Rahool is now helping rebuild the City’s economy since the Red Legion has been pushed back. “A million deaths are not enough for Rahool…” Amanda Holiday: the Tower’s (and now the Wall’s, I guess) Shipwrite, Amanda keeps record of all Guardian ship traffic and keeps everyone’s vehicles running smoothly. She’s in charge of ship and Sparrow building, repair, and distribution, and is a good friend of Cayde. Like the Hunter Vanguard, Amanda has a free spirit and would much rather be flying out into the unknown than sitting in the Tower, but she likes fixing up machines too and there’s no one better at her job. She’s one of the City’s best pilots and one of the more young and enthusiastic people in the Tower. Amanda first came to the City as a child right as the Tower was being finished, and is now helping rebuild the City’s economic structure from after the Red Legion attack. Banshee-44: Banshee is the Tower Gunsmith and has more mind wipes than any other Exo we’ve encountered (44 wipes). Naturally this means his brain is pretty scrambled due to the fact that each wipe worsens the condition of the mind, and it also means he’s probably been through A LOT of traumatic experiences to require that many wipes. Inside that splintered brain are Golden Age secrets and pretty much anything u could ever need to know about guns, but unfortunately his resurfacing memories are far and few and disappear quickly. Banshee is marked by his mostly blue coloration and his array of short antennae decorating his head, but he can never remember how many mind wipes he’s had or even what he’s supposed to be doing at the moment. Banshee is a no-funny-business kind of guy with a low drawl and a love for pretty guns, but he spends most of his time either too busy admiring a gun to notice the people around him or trying to hold on to drifting memories. Banshee is currently helping rebuild the City’s economic structure from after the Red Legion attack, at least as well as he can. Eva Levante: Eva is the Guardian Outfitter, responsible for supplying Guardians with cosmetics such as shaders, emblems, and occasionally others like masks. Eva has lived most of her life already and lost her husband, child, and all of her friends, yet she is one of the most joyful presences in the Tower. She is responsible for convincing the Vanguard to have the Festival of the Lost, Dawning, and Crimson Days celebrated in the Tower. The Guardians are her family now, and she takes pride in watching them bear her colors in the Crucible and beyond. Currently Eva is helping rebuild the City’s economic structure from after the Red Legion attack. Tess Everis: Everis is an Awoken who left the Reef to seek fortune in the City through her passion for style. By rebuilding a Golden Age currency trade called Silver, Tess created her cosmetics trade and became renowned for her resourcefulness and fashionable gear of all kinds. Arcite 99-40: Arcite is one of the two oldest surviving combat Frames and used to be a member of the Redjacks with the other, but now he’s been pulled off-duty and reprogrammed to help Shaxx manage the Crucible. Although he’s no longer geared up for fighting, Arcite has all of his memories of battle and has been in Shaxx’s company for years, so behaves in a curt and straightforward manner, accepting no funny business from anyone and often repeating what Shaxx says almost word for word. Arcite exchanges crucible weapons and Sparrows for Crucible currencies and helps Shaxx keep track of Crucible bounties. Xander 99-40: Xander is the Frame that acts as Bounty Tracker for the Guardians. He keeps track of all active and completed bounties issued by the Vanguard, assigns bounties to Guardians, marks off completed bounties, gives Guardians rewards for the bounties, and records all bounty details. Due to the adaptive nature of Frames, Xander has picked up a rather intellectual manner of speaking, probably from his necessity to explain the details of each bounty for his job. Kadi 55-30: Kadi is the Frame that serves as Postmaster for the Guardians, receiving packages from many senders and delivering them to their recipients as soon as they pay her a visit. Due to the adaptive nature of a Frame, Kadi has picked up a rather cheery and polite manner of behaving, probably from the gratitude most people who exchange gifts through her would be expected to show. Roni 55-30: as the Vanguard Quartermaster, Roni sells Vanguard weapon’s and Sparrows to Guardians in exchange for Vanguard currencies. She also trades you raw materials. Roni is pretty plain but polite like Kadi. Lakshmi-2: the representative of the Future War Cult to the public, Lakshmi has one of the 3 Faction seats in the Consensus and is allowed to speak on behalf of the FWC in the Tower. She is a total mystery, just like her Faction, and although she is a rather warm person she loves dangling her hidden knowledge in front of others. She is apparently one of the top leaders of the FWC, meaning she is one of the few who knows anything about the Faction, and her goal is to prepare humanity and the Guardians for an eternity of war. FWC believes in always being prepared. Arach Jalaal: the representative of Dead Orbit to the public, Jalaal has one of the 3 Faction seats in the Consensus and is allowed to speak on behalf of DO in the Tower. As an Arach of DO, Jalaal recruits and directs people in the vision of preparing a fleet to flee Earth in the instance that we face annihilation, because DO believes that humanity has no future on Earth. Executor Hideo: the representative of New Monarchy to the public Hideo has one of the 3 Faction seats in the Consensus and is allowed to speak on behalf of NM in the Tower. As an Executor, it is Hideo’s task to search for a candidate to be the ruler of the City, as it is New Monarchy’s belief that they can find someone who can rule the City without becoming corrupt and who will somehow always have perfect judgement. They believe monarchy would be a better system than democracy to make crucial decisions for humanity. Hideo is very verbal about the people he sees as corrupt leaders as well as the people he would like to see in charge. Xûr: serving as an Agent of the Nine, Xûr comes to the City regularly to trade items of exotic value to Guardians in exchange for specific materials. We do not know why the Nine sent him or even how he gets in undetected, but after the Vanguard realized they couldn’t stop him hey let Xûr trade with Guardians unhindered. Xûr seems rather open to others but has trouble articulating exactly what it is he wants to say or do. He has managed to express that he is here as a trader, but he either doesn’t know or can’t say what the Nine’s purpose is. Frames: Frames are AI that can be programmed to assist with many tasks. They are adaptive so get better at their job the more they perform. Due to their adaptive nature giving the ones that have lived longer personality quirks, it was decided to give them clunky bodies and mechanical voices so that they wouldn’t feel quite so human. In the City they are used for everything from sweeping, giving directions, selling gear, building vehicles, or even fighting put in the field. Engineers: the Tower and Wall always have a bustling team of workers keeping all the Frames, vehicles, and supplies repaired or in order. Some even work for the Vanguard by gathering intel and monitoring Guardian activity. Benedict 99-40 (Sweeper Bot): Sweeper Bot is the undisputed power in the Tower, protecting all with his mighty broom (which also makes a pretty rad Sparrow). Red Legion Cabal fell in hoards to his steady hand, to his controlled sweeps, and to his awesome whistling skills, AND he cleaned up the mess afterwards; in the end he left the City to the Red Legion of his own accord because he heard how much cleaning the Farm needed. When Calus came to our system in the Leviathan, Benedict conquered his colosseum and became his emissary to the Tower, calling worthy Guardians to prove themselves to Calus. My Archive:

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