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11/6/2017 1:49:09 PM
Hey Batsu, [u]You're looking for the McFarlane figures of which there are 3 standard figures:[/u] [i]Hunter in Year 2 Iron Banner Gear[/i] [i]Titan in Vault of Glass Raid Gear[/i] [i]Warlock in King's Fall Raid Gear[/i] They are currently being sold most readily at Target and GameStop. [u]There are also several "Retailer Exclusives" as follows:[/u] [b]Wallgreens[/b] - [i]Hunter w/ Celestial Nighthawk and Blacksmith Shader[/i] [b]Walmart[/b] - [i]Hunter w/ Boltcaster and Million Million Shader[/i] [b]GameStop[/b] - [i]Warlock w/ Light Beyond Nemesis and Hallow Shader[/i] [b]Target[/b] - [i]Titan w/ Helm of St.14 and Amduat Ink Shader[/i] The availability of these exclusive ones varies. Target seems to still have an overwhelming supply of the Titan, and the Warlock is still at most GameStops. However, Walmart no longer carries its Hunter and I have yet to see a Wallgreens with the Figures in stock at all. You will likely need to go to eBay if you want the 2 Hunter exclusives. There are also 2 additional figures by McFarlane that are not part of this set. They are a smaller [i]Ghost Vinyl[/i] figure (which is VERY hard to find), and a larger [i]Lord Saladin[/i] figure that is readily available at most [b]Target[/b] stores. The "Destiny 1" figures you're referring to were by a company called 3A. They are primarily an online exclusive retailer apart from some speciality shops. These figures have IMMENSE details and run upwards of $200-$300 each. They are available on 3A's website. [u]Finally, a set of Destiny Funko PoP figures was released this year as follows:[/u] [i]Cayde-6, Ikora, Zavalla, Xur, Shaxx, Oryx, Atheon[/i] 2 versions of a [i]Crota[/i] PoP figure were also released, 1 with a glow effect and one without. They are both [b]Target[/b] exclusive and IMPOSSIBLE to find. Hope this helps straighten things out for you. Good luck and happy hunting!

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