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11/6/2017 5:34:57 AM

New weapon?

I think a fun new exotic could be a hand cannon with a unique perk called fan the hammer. This perk would greatly decrease stability and control. But would greatly increase base fire rate so maybe make it normally be a 140 rpm hand cannon but with this special exotic perk it would fire 4-5 times faster. Thus you could.... Fan the hammer No ads with this weapon but hip fire control is amazing? (It would shoot like how cayde six uses his golden gun in the begining of the game as in that animation for how it looks whilst shooting the gun) mag size of 6 or 8? Not sure And it could be called: -The Bell's Toll "Its high noon somewhere in the world" (Just for the overwatch reference ;P) - Ol' Reliable "When you're in a pinch fan the hammer" Bungie pls. No more side arms Just hammer fanning

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