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11/4/2017 7:19:40 PM

Perfect Ideas to Save Destiny(Wordy)

Who I am isnt important. I just want someone with the power/influence to take these ideas to the proper channels. The main problem is Destiny 2 is too lazy.Its for casuals only. Dont get me wrong, casual players matter but a big name game such as this should never be exclusively casual or hardcore. Here are my ideas. Just to be clear [b]I invite anyone reading this to take my ideas i dont care about the credit once the game gets better[/b]Also this will be lengthy: [spoiler] a.[u][b]Stop separating the classes into specific types of enemies[/b][/u](ie. Titan is compared to minotaur and a hunter to a goblin) Instead, every single race should have their own racial perk and every type of enemy in that race should have their characteristics translated into gear. This results in each race having 3 or more armor and weapon sets unique to them and each set having good and bad perks based on the type of enemy theyre modeled after. For example, Fallen gears racial perk would have something to do with finding loot more easily or increasing drop rates since theyre scavengers and the armor modeled after dregs would provide better movement speeds but terrible defense and this dreg set would be available to all classes not just hunter. b.[u][b]PvP and PvE should have their own separate power levels[/b][/u] to accompany their loot system. For pvp this 1 is a bit tricky. See the thing is we want to be able to have matchups that will allow casuals and hardcores to have a chance vs each other but if pvp has its own power then casuals will get destroyed correct? Not necessarily. See pvp power could be based off of combat performance instead of gear.The power lvl in pvp would also be lower(probably around 30-40) And the way it works is as you gain lvls your loot tier increases granting you gear with more power(which makes pvp a viable way to grind a little for pvp) and you also gain pvp perks every 5lvls. As for PvE ,well just as how we gained access to the ability to purchase mods from banshee, as we gain more power we can unlock more quality of life features. For example, assistants who scavenge for us over time. As such highly praised guardians its logical that we should have people who can do minor collection tasks for us with a small chance at acquiring an engram OR running into some enemy activity which will give us a mission to do OR stumbling upon some relic that will result in an exotic quest which then turns this quality of life feature into a goal to obtain and it further leads into another goal of obtaining the exotic c. [b][u]Add more flavors to the gear and mods[/u][/b]. My first idea cant exist without this1. Looking at gear right now, pvp gear is the same as trials gear which is also the same as raid gear etc.The gear in game is far too general and its this flaw that makes them worthless and killed some replayability in destiny 2. Raid gear should either do a little better in pve generally(better stats or unique perk combinations) or do exceedingly better in raid(raid perks). Same goes for trials and regular pvp. Also instead of weapon and arm being the main drop from vendors for end game content, they should be guaranteed in the 1st package(not including powerful or luminous packages) for that week then every package for the rest of the week has a low chance at weapons and arm, guranteed shaders, and now a high chance at mods that have perks that relate to the mode. For example. Trials packages can give a mod that allow slightly faster defusion of bombs(like 0.5secs per perk) d.[b][u]Factions need far more implementation[/u][/b]this faction rally doesnt cut it. Factions dont necessarily need to give out tokens for everything but they definitely need more oppurtunities to give out tokens. I would suggest factions taking over pve or pvp every other weekend with special challenges e. [b][u]pvp world[/u][/b]This is probably a pvp player's delight. Simply put,its a giant every fireteam for themself style game mode. Players move around in an openly explorable map with very few enemies and they have to survive and reach a goal. This can translate to last team standing style combat or fight your way to the center of the map style. Thats just a base idea to get the imagination flowing F.[b][u]a real crucible[/u][/b]I say this to every player i meet and i cant say it enough. Crucible right now plays like a cheesy beta. Keep the current game modes but add the options to select the game type you want to play. Also from 6v6 to 4v4 was not a good move. It leaves no room to get better. All you have to do is find 3players go into crucible and hug each other as you shoot. Bring back doubles, free-for-all and 6v6. Modes like mayhem and rift should return as well. Pvp in Destiny 1 wasnt perfect but it was and still is always fun and complete.[/spoiler] These are just some class issues I had. Bare in mind I almost exclusively play hunter and could care less for playing as the other 2 classes especially warlock so my experience with them is slightly limited, nevertheless here we are: [spoiler][b][u]Class Issues[/u][/b]ill go class by class(my experience may be different than others) Im a hunter fanboy and I praise them no matter what but I must say six-shooter golden gun and arc staff in general are a huge waste in potential. Arc staff can be punishing but its lacking in maneuverablity and range especially in pvp. Id propose the staff being able to sweep arc lightning or push arc lightning forward a bit more than it currently can or atleast allowing the mid air spin atk to propel guardians further ahead amd at a faster rate . As for six-shooter on golden gun, theres on 4 targets if even that many in pvp and in pvp the damage is so negligible its pointless using it. Not to mention it doesnt last long enough to become useful. I propose an extension of the duration AND a buff to the damage each shot deals. Titan barricade takes far too long to launch. Consider the time it takes to hold the button just to input the skill then going through a long animation to activate the skill. Other than that the subclasses seem very well put together and as powerful as you would expect. Only other concern i would have is that maybe ward of dawn should classify as a roaming super so that the super bar depletes while it is active and allow the user to cut it off to save super balance it off they would only be able to activate it with a full super. I had no issue with warlock except for the similar issue with the class skill i have with titan. You have to hold down a button to input the skill then go through the animation to activate the skill. [/spoiler]

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