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Destiny 2

Discusión sobre Destiny 2
11/2/2017 7:07:04 AM

Destiny No Longer Feels Like A Video Game, But Rather An Addict-System

I think the biggest thing that turns me off about Destiny is how it is presented to the public. There has never been open-contact, no phone number, no direct-email service, no live-operator, - - it's completely closed off with no access. As a player, I don't feel like family. I feel like currency. While an artistic masterpiece, there is no meaning to the art. All the scenery, all the art, all the work done by the design team, to me it just feels like "it's there." - - A masterpiece meant to cloak my eyes from the fact that I am getting systematically brainwashed into playing an addict-loot time table. While everyone has their opinions about crucible modes and PVE loot incentives, I find it more glaring that all our complaints and criticism goes completely ignored and unanswered, and referred to in passing as "passion." - - Without the money of Activision (company) and the namesake nostalgia of Bungie (brand), I don't think this franchise would have ever survived the first DLC launch. It's as though the voice of the player is a line in the sand, and all of us, including our opinions, do not get to cross to where the developers are. I know that Destiny is considered a "one of a kind" experience, but I've exhausted all of my Halo nostalgia. I've tried being angry, and gotten banned. I've tried being positive, and gotten my threads thumbed down. I've argued directly with Bungie employees. I've made movies and pictures in the Creations Page. I've really tried and done everything, including in-game practice. But you know what; all words aside, I just feel like... Destiny is generic now. ~Emm

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