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Reclutamiento de clanes

Busca un clan o recluta nuevos miembros.
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PC Recuriting (Clan)

Visit us at PC-Gamers.Net or PCGN.Net. Need help or need a fireteam join our discord, About US We are a PC gaming community with over 6000+ members. We are dedicated to PC gaming and have been around since 1999 , We play in competitive tournaments . We also host our own servers on dedicated servers, this allows us to give the best experiences in our games. We have members around the globe US, UK,Dubai, Canada, etc...Active or retired military are welcome. What is the difference between a Clan and Gaming community? Simple Clan means one group of people. Where as a gaming community is comprised of many clans. This allows us to have battles with other skilled like players that follow the same guidelines and respect. Do you Stream? Check out our Streamers What other games do we play? Ark:dedicated server Dayz: Arma 2 mod, standalone and Origins (had the top 3 server) Arma 3- Mod Exile-Z (had the top server) Tom Clancy's Division Battlefield CONAN EXILES Elite: Dangerous Escape From Tarkov Fortnite Rainbow Six Siege PUBG!! RUST Counter-stike- 1.6 and up Other groups/clans SWF:

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