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[PC][EU][VoS - Vikings On shrooms][PvP][PvE][Casual/Hardcore] Active gaming community since 2012!

Hi, welcome! Vikings on Shrooms [VoS] are now recruiting people for Destiny 2! We have been an active gaming community since 2012. We are laid back mature people [+18] that likes to socialise and have a good time together with others. We just started out gathering members from within the community and are now looking to expand beyond that. You can apply to join us through. 1. Upvote this post 2. Apply to join: 3. Join our discord: 4. Type !rank Destiny2 to get all the permissions for voice and text chat. Our rules: 1. Read these instructions before asking stupid questions [Our welcome board got loads of info about the community] 2. English is the official language here, use it. 3. This is a salt-free-zone. 4. Don’t spam in the text or voice chat. 5. If you have a problem with another Viking, take it up with one of our admins, or use the VoS debate room - don’t make troubles for others because you can’t keep it together. 6. Nothing is sacred here, anything and everything are free to be ridiculed, discussed and debated, as long as it is done in a civil manner. 7. Respect those who have different opinions than you, and try to learn something from them. 8. Propaganda is fine as long as it holds the bar. Go below and we will use your failed attempt to make propaganda of our own. 9. Praise the sun!p

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