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Editado por Kaendael: 10/24/2017 5:53:08 PM

There's content. Decent Content. No reason to do it.

This is to those who say there isn't content. There is content. It's ok content but it's content. Then what's the problem? No reason to do any of it. Prestige Raid? Cosmetics for your character doesn't higher then 305 An ornament for the shotgun which was a bad idea in my opinion Crucible? Outside of trials and iron banner there's no real reason. Trials and Iron Banner? No light level advantage and doesn't drop higher then 305. Seriously. Bungie. You have decent content here. But you forgot how to make it relevant or worth doing Oh yeah and strikes are worthless. With no heroic strikes or strike loot, no point to them being in the game.

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