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publicado originalmente en: Like if D2 is Disappointing ☹
10/23/2017 2:48:45 PM
I’ve been trying to go over all the possibilities of why d2 is what it is and at the end of the day there is no -blam!-ing excuse for what shovel of shit as been thrown my way. Absolutely none. At the very basic level d1 is still better d1 in its entirety is so many cuts above d2. And I don’t buy the bull shit like oh wait for the dlcs for content blah blah -blam!-ing blah Im sick of hearing that excuse already d2 should have had every mechanic and content playability that d1 had at the end of its journey, strike specific loot random rolls etc etc etc factions, and not the stupid -blam!-ing faction shit at the moment, why change that when it worked well -blam!-ing beyond me in fact the whole game decisions are beyond stupid. I didn’t pay £89.99 for a shallow half arsed game. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR STUPIDITY AND DESTINY 2 IS STUPID AND INSULTING TO DESTINY 1.

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