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Watch these two Old Demos: When Destiny was first being shown off we were promised a Large Shared World Shooter RPG. That was "Ancient Fantasy" + "Hard Science Fiction". That is what it was initially advertised as and what Year 3 D1 was shaping up to be. The problem is that Destiny 2 has taken the franchise into becoming a game that I simply did not want. We got a standard FPS Skill based shooter with PvP set as end-game. It is trying to use the Halo formula to satisfy the competitive shooters. That design choice does not work with [i]Loot[/i] based games. You're fighting against human players in the Crucible and you're fighting an army of drones in PvE. What makes PvE fun is being a powerful badass what makes the Crucible fun is the competition and proving your better against a real person with access to the same weapons abilities. They're not the same and should not be balanced as such. It is trying to be a jack of all trades but consequently making it a master of none. There are games that do what Destiny does, and better. Making it a competitive PvP is the [u]opposite[/u] of what Destiny was supposed to be and shaping up to be by Year 3. This feels like a slap in the face to the people who stuck around and supported Destiny. Bungie should stop trying to make it Halo when that is a completely different formula. PvP does not work as a core aspect in Destiny. They took what could have been an amazing RPG and made it a simple shooter. Big middle finger to the fans who made the first game successful. [b]ALSO.[/b] The developers needed more time to deliver the game's scope and depth that they originally intended to make. Destiny is made by AAA developers, supported by AAA publishers, and is sold as a $60 game. They already have the money and support they need to make a complete product. The fact that it is not a complete game at launch, and is in reality an incomplete foundation that relies on content updates as well as paid DLCs to add things that should have been in the game in the first place, is unacceptable. [u]Stop making a standard shooter and deliver on the Epic RPG that was originally intended.[/u]

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