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10/22/2017 6:44:10 PM

Strange Coins in Destiny 2?

So we can all see that strand coins are a part of our currency and consumables in the database and I know at one point Bungie will add them in for something but what do you think they will be used for will they be used to buy exotics from Xur instead of Legendary Shards it and this is the most likely thing to happen but will they be used in a token system a way of maybe you earn them from doing challenges from Xur while he is in game and then turn a certain amount in for a random exotic i feel this would be a very good system to be added in to make the game a little more well easy I hear players are having rough times getting certain exotics so maybe adding this type of feature in could help those players with the sacrifice of not knowing what your going to get but you know you will get something lemme know what you all think remember it’s an idea no need for hate tell me your thoughts and opinions on this topic.

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