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Editado por SuperWood44: 10/21/2017 6:43:19 AM

We all need to stand together and boycott

When "For Honor" was bad, the community stood together and didn't play the game for about a month and squeezed a response out of ubisoft. Its time for Bungie to do the same and step out of the dark. This community mostly sits on the fourms and redit and complanes about the game, while we know full well that Bungie doesn't care about our feedback. Its time to stand together and show them that we mean business! November 7th lets not play Destiny 2 Not everyone has to boycott, as a significant drop in players will do the same thing. "So I ask you, who will stand with me!" Share with your friends and everyone that plays Destiny. Use the #boycottNov7 Edit 1: Official boycott will begin Nov 7th but try and hold out longer until the next reset (Nov 14) to make more of a difference, but even not playing for 1 day will help.

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