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10/18/2017 9:27:17 PM

Everything the Prestiege Raid missed and not worth your time

This is by far the WORST hard mode raid I have EVER played since day 1 D1. Why would you release a hard mode that has literally been stripped of everything a hard raid was about. Hard raids were about adding mechanics, gear to raise out level so when we come back we actually feel a difference, no creativity at all and feels BEYOND rushed, You guys couldn't even be creativity with new weapons!?! You could be done so many things like new sparrow, ship, trace cannon, shotgun, sidearm, gear with actual perks that make having it worth farming for. Why give us reskinned gear that does absolutely nothing? Why completely step backwards and take out perks on guns and gear just to cater to your casuals and then some? With this Presteige you literally shit on your community. Especially the ones who enjoy raiding and look forward to doing it. You remember them right? The ones you talk about and watch when a new raid comes out or when you're trying to see who is going to be worlds first completion. Yeah those guys. Idk what you guys are thinking, but this game is already becoming something not enjoyable. There's no need to grind anything because what is there to grind!?! You get full raid gear and weapons then what? You reach Power Level 305 then what? You farm for exotics and get those now what!?! HELL!! Your Trails of The Nine isnt even worth doing anymore. I went flawless twice and got tons of tokens and gear. I got full sets of guns and armor from just TWO! No ship, no sparrow, nothing...... This game is starting to become a huge disappointment. Then you're putting in a microtransaction system that's going to target players that aren't doing well!?! Ever think that may be because of your lack of everything? There's son much more I can add and talk about. Like matchmaking, end game, latency issues still in crucible etc.

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