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10/15/2017 12:23:51 PM

Ripped off by GameStop Germany online?

Maybe some other players from Germany have shared this experience. And I think, Bungie should know about this. I have pre-ordered Destiny 2 Limited edition at GameStop online Germany quite early, for I knew that I wouldn't be able to pick it up at a shop, due to a business trip. I choose payment by credit card and got a confirmation that all was OK. I received the code for Beta and all seemed well until 2 days before the release. At that time i received an e-mail from GameStop, that my PayPal payment didn't go through?! I tried to phone their support immediately, but the number seems to be designed to shrug customers off, for you won't get hold of somebody at any time. So I asked by e-mail for clarification. It took them almost a week to get back to me. The reply was the same mail as before, only that they informed me that they have not been able to debit my credit card instead of my PayPal account. A quick check with my bank informed me, that they hadn't even tried. Informing them about this within 24 hours of their mail, it took nearly another week to reply. The answer was, no, they can't debit my card and especially not a second time and that I should pay by bank transfer and they would send the stuff. So, still abroad, I organized for the bank transfer, only to learn within 24 hours, the order has been cancelled. I hadn't paid within 2 weeks. they'd transfer the money back. That the delay was due to their (deliberately?) lacklustre processing of my mails didn't bother them at all. For something similar has happened to a friend of mine, my assumption is, that GameStop online Germany tries to avoid PayPal and credit card fees by simply claiming that the payment was compromised and so forcing customers to pay by bank transfer. And the most outrageous thing about this: I have lost all bonuses for pre-ordering! So my advise to all players and publishers: Don't do business with GameStop Germany! Hope this finds its way to Bungie and foremost it prevents other people being ripped off the same way. Maybe somebody has experienced similar. And I would be pleased to hear from Bungie.

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