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10/13/2017 5:29:15 PM

An Option to Toggle Screen Vignetting

Suggestion/request in the title. Screen vignetting has been around since D1 and has stuck through to D2. For people who don't know what vignetting, it is basically the shading on all edges and corners of the screen. I would like to propose an option in the options menu to toggle that effect off and on. In my opinion, screen vignetting only obscures your vision. It can/has been proposed that it helps people focus on the middle of the screen. Unfortunately, we spend 25% of our time looking at out radar while in-gameplay (which is covered by said vignetting). Can we add a toggle so that way people who think it helps them focus can keep it on, while others who want less screen clutter can keep it off. And/or a possible 3rd option to add vignetting only when aiming down your sights. Please consider this suggestion.

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