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10/5/2017 8:46:57 PM

Gunslinger needs some love

Gunslinger has always been my favorite subclass to play in Destiny, but in D2 it is looking really lackluster compared to the other Hunter subclasses (which themselves need a bit of work), and especially compared to the other classes' subclasses. So I'm going to talk about a few ways that it could be beefed up to make it comparable to the others. First let's talk about the Way of the Outlaw skill tree. In my opinion, there is a whole perk in that tree that is completely pointless: Deadeye. From my understanding, essentially all it does is greatly increase the aim assist on Golden Gun. Now I presume this is intended to allow the player to use Six-Shooter more effectively, the idea being that you "sling" your gun around and barely aim while hip-firing and getting a flashy sextuple kill. The problem is that this is simply not practical, or wise in my opinion. My super is way too important for me to just trust that aim assist will do the work for me. I cannot bring myself to risk wasting 2 or 3 shots missing enemies because I was recklessly swinging my crosshairs about and wildly spamming the trigger. Any smart Gunslinger will still take a fraction of a second to make sure a shot is lined up before pulling the trigger. So not only does that render this perk useless, it also brings me to my next point: the timer on Six-Shooter is simply too short. I understand that you don't want a Hunter roaming around for an eternity with the ability to wipe a whole team in PvP and then some (too bad you didn't apply that logic to Stormcaller), and I agree. But the current timer is too punishing for PvE, where this mode of Golden Gun is used primarily for clearing medium tier ads. The reason for this is that many enemies have an annoying habit of taking cover and waiting several seconds before sticking their heads out, only to hide once again an instant later. And some have movement abilities that take them completely off your screen in a heartbeat. Too many times I've whipped out my giant flaming hand cannon in the heat of battle, only for every enemy in sight to simply disappear by the time the activation animation (which is painfully long I might add) is finally over and I've reoriented myself from the pointless 1st-to3rd-and back to 1st person camera shift. So then you have to go chasing them around corners, and before you know it, half your shots have gone right down the drain. And my final issue with the Outlaw tree is the actual damage of Golden Gun. We all know that the other skill tree is the one you use for high single target damage, and that's fine. But the base damage of Six-Shooter feels really pathetic compared to many other supers. There are red-healthbar enemies that can survive a single body shot with this version of Golden Gun, and that's simply not acceptable in my opinion. But the interesting thing I found out the other day is that Six-Shooter, despite no indication given in the skill tree, and no prominent indicator in-game, is actually capable of doing critical damage. Headshots with Six-Shooter GG will do double damage. So if you are comfortable with Golden Gun doing this much damage with six shots, why not just make that the base damage value and take away the headshots? I've done the math and with all six shots together it would still do considerably less damage than three consecutive headshots from Crowd-Pleaser GG, and it wouldn't generate any orbs. If you want Gunslingers to use this version of Golden Gun to whip around and fan the hammer on six different enemies in a short time, there's no reason for it to do so little damage with the "potential" to do more with headshots, which will obviously require more time to aim and again cause you to lose shots to the timer. So, here are my proposed changes: 1) Double the damage of Six-Shooter Golden Gun 2) Remove headshot capability of Six-Shooter 3) Extend Six-Shooter's timer by 1.5 seconds 4) Remove Deadeye, and replace it with Combustion (which will work just like it did in Destiny 1, causing enemies killed by Golden Gun to explode) Now let's look at the other skill tree, Way of the Sharpshooter. This one is a little bit better put together, but it still has some flaws. Firstly, Knife Juggler is cool, but it's not very useful, especially compared to the melee abilities of the other classes. When Warlocks and Titans can get such buffs as faster reload and increased movement speed and even overshields just from slapping enemies in the face, I have to ask, why would I waste time tossing knives at Acolytes and Vandals when I could just shoot them? My other problem with this tree is with Practice Makes Perfect. Again, it's a perk that sounds cool in theory, but just doesn't do enough to make it worth a whole slot in the skill tree. I've found that it makes little difference to your super's charge rate in most activities except maybe for fast passed strikes where you are playing so aggressively that you get 3 times the kills of your teammates. So here's what I propose: 1) In addition to its current function, Knife Juggler would grant increased movement speed and health recovery for 10 seconds after landing a headshot kill with Throwing Knife 2) The buff granted by Practice Makes Perfect should reduce all of your ability cool-downs (by a very slight amount of course), in addition to charging your super upon landing critical hits (and the amount granted should be adjusted to be more noticeable, without being overpowered) And the final point I'd like to make is with the Hunter's class ability. Its critical flaw is that no one actually uses it for the dodge itself. It's simply too slow to save you from any big attacks, and is merely used for the bonuses it grants. Compared to the Warlock's rift and the Titan's barrier, it is simply not useful enough. So what I propose is: 1) The Hunter's dodge ability should inherently grant greatly increased resilience during the animation 2) Having been made obsolete by the above change, the Arcstrider's Lightning Reflexes perk should be replaced with something else

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