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Ode to the casuals... or is it

Hello and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to enquire the topic at hand, is this game for casual players only or is it really a lack-luster-letdown? As an extreme casual player myself I thought I would take some time to talk about my experiences and what Destiny 2 is to me. For starters Destiny is a world full of space magic, adventures, and fun times with your friends, at least that is what I imagined after my 3 year life in the world if Destiny 1. Upon opening the Destiny 2 world up I quickly realized something just didn't line up. We had 3 years of work, angst, love and hate to have our results and hard work turned into a "muligan-esque" sequel. I played Destiny 1 with others often, raids, nightfalls, strikes, large overworld quests. I met a many personalities, be it friend or foe it was quite the emotional ride. I was inspired to be one of the first to log into Destiny 2; Discord on, in chat there and voice chat in game as the queue for logging in began. After spending the day playing and finishing the campaign I was anxious for more. I spent the day playing as it was my regular day off from work so I already knew I wanted to play it in thru the night. I noticed there were some already climbing up to 280+ while I was running Public Events. I convinced my friends from Destiny 1 to come on over to Destiny 2 out of pure excitement with this facad of an RPG. As I reached higher Power levels thru milestones I realized I was still alone. My friends quickly lost interest in both PvE and the afterthought that PvP is. I was 266 Power and ready to throw myself to the wolves in the Nightfall, raid and Trials. My only attempt at a Nightfall was me queueing to be guided thru as my LFG beforehand was a terrible experience. I loaded in with two very kind people willing to hold my hand and our zone was bugged. There were no monsters to fight anywhere, then it hit... Weasel and 3 other errors ensued. I load back in as quickly as I can and I get a restriction for "leaving early" and can't do another guided game for a while. I threw my hands up in the air and promised myself I wouldn't do another activity unless it were with friends I knew another time. Well needless to say my friends don't play anymore. I am currently 294 Power level purely from solo milestones each reset. I have no reason to play. I have zero desire to run the raid after hearing everyone's experience and watching videos from start to finish. I have zero desire to run the Nightfall, it is easier to wait for my clan to do the Nightfall and Trials than it is to actually run them. There is nothing to do that yells, replayability! or grind! I play for about 3 hours a week with the exception of the launch. This game has nothing keeping me here, but waiting for DLC so I have 10 hours of fun. Log in every Tuesday, gain 3 Power levels and wait til the next reset again. - No random rolls on gun perks - Dumbed down skill trees to the point that none of the classes pose desireability. - No unique must have Exotics - Xur is a joke - PvP is ... bland and not memorable - Open world is dead, soloing Public Events each play thru - No reason to run group activities aside from hugs. Destiny 2 brought no new monsters, classes (yes the tweaks with Sentinal and the other 2 classes is noticeable, but subtle); same guns, boring new ones and same NPCs. The new NPCs are in the farm and not the tower aside from Hawthorne? I feel like I paid for Destiny 1 if Destiny 1 never came out. What is going on Bungo? none of what was an obvious "winning" aspects in Destiny over the years was brought over. I am sorry, but even as someone who plays this game as an extreme casual, this game wasn't "made for the casuals", it was made to line the trash can because this game is a rehashed mess. Ode to you all who enjoy the game in its current state. I could go on about things like Strikes, the Factions, and Iron Banner, but there is no point, sadly.

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